the wind calls your name

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"average person came out to have a good time and is honestly feeling so attacked right now" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person is feeling 0 attacked right now. Spiders Georg, who finally left his cave to have a good time and was attacked by over 10,000 posts each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

“Reclining in the garden of France under the soft sky of June with half the Privy Council given up and gone home, they slept, ate, read, talked, and did a little desultory hawking, denigrated their hosts and the English with some thoroughness and dispersed a good deal in gentle company. In the free air, the bickering sank and died.”

Queen’s Play




sweetmarigold replied to your post: “If you think the “no more worse left in the barrel” post was about Lymond and the Aga Morat, think again. There is so, so much worse still left in your barrel.”:

i think if we outlined the tragedy that is lymond’s life in list form (spoilers can’t do that yet) it would sort of get funnier and funnier the worse it got. DRAMA. ? am I making sense?

I think that makes sense. There’s “making bad decisions”, and then there’s “preyed upon by clever villains”, and then there’s “ridiculously unlucky” and lbr these books passed into “ridiculous” sometime around the time when he set his brother’s house on fire

I’m going to finish this book today to stave off the creeping feelings of spoilerage and move into the secure territory of <I still can’t believe i’ve managed to fall into a world where these books are real>

I REALLY WANT TO FINISH THIS BOOK TONIGHT but I have 100 pages left it is not going to happen


if you’re not in a good space

stay away from people and don’t date

if only for your protection

there are sick sick people who cannot wait to take advantage of you

or destroy those who are already weak

stay away from people until you’re at a point where you’re strong enough to decide who should and shouldn’t have access to you

man, maybe, maybe. Even my Evil Ex was helpful to me, in their own way. (I can’t say if it evened out or not because I don’t believe feelings work like that). And when I was in the shittiest place I’ve ever mentally been, it was my then-boyfriend who made me feel that I was worthwhile and who emotionally supported me through a bunch of difficult stuff I had to do (like breaking up with the Evil Ex).

I do think you should keep an eye out for predators and people who fetishize your pain, and people who will prey on you, but that’s good advice for everyone. And I do think it’s more difficult to be a good partner to someone when you’re busy with your own problems. But the last thing I needed, when I was really depressed, was “You Must Remain Alone Until You Are Happy”. I do the poly thing because I fall in love whether I want to or not; more-depressed-me was already sorely tempted to Slowly Pine Away From Afar. And in retrospect I am glad that I did not.