the wind calls your name

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“In France, the de Guises had their ill-wishers. The Constable, notoriously, wanted the proposed wedding between Mary and the Dauphin deferred, and even the King had jibbed at presenting the Queen Dowager with the whole of her annual fifty-thousand-franc pension to take home in gold. Last month, Northampton knew the Receiver General of Brittany had been heard to comment that nearly two million francs had so far been spent on the Queen Mother, and he wished that Scotland were in a fishpool.”

Queen’s Play

the most important Ringed Castle question

I realized this morning that I was too attached to Jerott Blyth for him to die

…so obviously, this will be the book where he dies, after which I can finally give up my CONSTANT VIGILANCE practice of “ok, get ready for Jerott to die” at the beginning of every chapter. (I started this practice around the 5th chapter of Disorderly Knights. sorry Jerott you just have “doomed” written all over you.)

which brings us to an important question:


if he survives this book by virtue of not being in it I am going to laugh so hard